How You Can Improve Muscle Strength With the Help of Physical Therapy

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When you have sustained an injury, physical therapy and muscle strength training helps to correct muscular imbalances, coordination, and general health so re-injury is less likely to happen. Post-physical therapy exercises such as resistance training, stretching, as well as agility training can be highly beneficial. This February, why not show your body some love by getting the health care you need and deserve. There are many reasons why adding strength training into your exercise plan is good for you.  

Strength Training Benefits  

-Muscle rebuilding. This is done when you are getting back on your feet after sustaining an injury or undergoing surgery. Physical therapy is great for boosting joint movement and flexibility, but you also want to strengthen and rebuild muscles that are weakened or atrophied.   

-Bone strength and density stimulation. Surgery and medical treatments resulting in bed rest can cause both bone density and muscle mass loss. Strength training helps boost musculoskeletal health and even your overall recovery rate.   

-Metabolism boosting. A strong, healthy metabolism ensures proper healing and increases resistance to disease. Strength training and exercise boosts your metabolism and facilitates these processes.  

-Improved comfort levels. Muscle pain causes discomfort while strength-building exercises help your muscle cells to regenerate and support your body’s natural inclination to self-heal after injury.   

-Mental health improvement. Feeling more positive and more confident is a natural side effect of improving flexibility, function and strength after an injury or surgery.  

 Our Qore Physical Therapy team is trained and equipped to offer you a proper strength training regimen based on your physical abilities to prevent re-injury. Here is what you should take into account when tailoring your strength training regimen after physical therapy: 

 -Warm up your muscles before exercising. 

-Gradually build up your tolerance by avoiding heavy weights.  

-Use the correct form while exercising so you don’t incur injury.  

-Stop the movement right away if you experience pain. 

-End your exercise with a stretching cool down routine to avoid delayed onset muscle soreness, or DOMS. 

-In between your strength training be sure to rest and recover as recommended.  

-Enlist the help of a physical therapist to make sure your strength regimen goes smoothly.  

How Qore Physical Therapy Can Help  

Your recovery needs can be expertly met with the help of our skilled and experienced physical therapists and support team. We offer our patients a full range of treatments so you can rehabilitate safely and at your own pace. Our goal is to help you meet and maintain optimal physical health, strength, mobility and desired range of motion. You can feel confident that our team has the training and top of the line equipment to help fulfill your rehabilitation and strength training requirement.   

We know how good it feels to make the most out of our physical health. Living your best life is possible when fulfilling your body’s needs, while reaping the potential mental health benefits along the way. Our team is happy to sit down with you, assess your physical condition, and then help you meet your goals and needs. We know firsthand how powerful physical therapy treatments can be so you can live more comfortably and feel more fulfilled.  

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