Isokinetic Dynamometer

Isokinetic DynamometerPart of understanding a patient’s progress in physical therapy is being able to measure and assess gains and improvements over time. At Qore Physical Therapy, our experienced team can employ an isokinetic dynamometer in American Fork, Utah, to help you chart your course through the recovery process.

Our team uses the isokinetic dynamometer to specifically measure the performance of various muscle groups. This helpful piece of equipment is also sensitive enough to provide a range of precise measurements pertaining to force for various speeds and angles of muscle movement. In fact, our physical therapists can use the isokinetic dynamometer to conduct tests and exercises that focus on the body’s peripheral joints. This process can yield measurements of strength, resistance, torque and even fatigue.

The isokinetic dynamometer provides resistance and regulates the speed of exercise at a particular rate, as determined by our physical therapy team. It also produces a record of measurements of applied force throughout a joint’s range of motion.

In addition, our clinic’s isokinetic dynamometer enables patients with strength deficits to carefully assess the function of the ankles, knees, elbows and shoulders. This equipment is especially valuable to athletes who are determining whether to return to the game, team members assessing whether it is time to go back to the workplace and postsurgical therapy patients. To find out more about how our isokinetic dynamometer could enhance your physical therapy treatment, call our office today at 801-701-6699.