Surgery Rehabilitation

Qore Physical Therapy believes that postsurgical rehabilitation is effective in helping individuals to recover from surgery. Our experienced physical therapy team is specifically trained to tailor treatments that help to address each patient’s particular needs to facilitate a faster recovery and long-term success.

After patients undergo surgical procedures, our team understands the goals for ensuring a lasting, postsurgical recovery. Since the body is naturally a remarkable “healing machine” on its own right, surgery rehabilitation enhances the healing process while also teaching you effective ways to care for your body as you resume your normal activities. If you are planning to have surgery — or you just recently had surgery — call our office today at 801-701-6699 to schedule your consultation.

Why is physical therapy so effective in assisting with postsurgical rehabilitation?

Physical therapy treatment helps to improve strength, balance and mobility. When a patient has a surgical procedure, that individual’s affected area can result in a limitation of mobility. As a natural response to the trauma of surgery, the body tends to experience muscle tightness, spasms, swelling, or a restricted or limited range of motion.

Our treatments can assist with reducing swelling and easing pain. Each person is different, so the degree of swelling can vary, but postsurgical swelling is a normal part of the healing process. The movements and exercises that we teach during rehabilitation can decrease swelling and improve flexibility.

If you have any further questions about surgery rehabilitation in American Fork, Utah, please contact our physical therapists today!