Sports Rehabilitation

At Qore Physical Therapy, our physical therapists and team can assist you with sports rehabilitation in American Fork, Utah, and surrounding areas — including Alpine, Highland, Lehi, Pleasant Grove, Lindon, Orem and Provo, Utah. We have learned that many people do not realize that an important part of sports rehabilitation is sports injury prevention! While that may sound like the old adage, “Hindsight is 20/20,” the fact is once an athlete has been benched during treatment for a sports-related injury, that individual is much more likely to practice preventive measures for the future. Part of our philosophy at Qore Physical Therapy is the importance of imparting education and training to our patients. We love to teach our patient athletes how to avoid the need for sports rehabilitation by practicing specific stretching and strengthening exercises for muscle stability.

We believe preparation and precautions are important, but the truth remains that, in the heat of the game, sports injuries can occur due to a poor landing, sprains and so forth. For this reason, physical therapists are crucial for athletes because they can help the injured player to take the sufficient amount of time to heal properly. The sports injuries we see most often are bruising and sprains. However, more serious injuries can occur, such as concussions, herniated discs, broken bones, dislocations and torn ligaments.

The list goes on, but at Qore Physical Therapy, we do not want you to worry. We encourage you to remain active and have fun! Sports injuries can seem worrisome, but with the aid of our compassionate physical therapy team, we can help your star athletes to recover faster and get back in the game! To learn more about sports rehabilitation, call our office today at 801-701-6699. We are truly on your team!