Stair Training

As part of empowering patients with improved mobility, Qore Physical Therapy provides stair training in American Fork, Utah. After an injury, surgery or illness, it is important to focus on the recovering individual’s ability to ascend and descend stairs safely. This treatment involves strength training, as well as some techniques to help the individual to properly negotiate steps.

Walking is an activity that uses the muscles differently than when a person is ascending or descending stairs. Therefore, in order to promote a full recovery, our physical therapists can ensure that our patients receive proper stair training.

For instance, you are probably familiar with the phrase “put your best foot forward.” It is not that one foot is better than the other, but if you are being treated for a lower-extremity injury, for example, there is a wrong foot and a correct foot to lead with when ascending and descending stairs, depending on which direction you are traveling. There are many helpful tips and trainings that our team can share to help you in your recovery journey.

Rest assured, as with all treatment measures at the clinic, our stair training is completely safe. Our facility has an overhead, single-point fixation and harness system to make sure the patient has a secure rehabilitation environment for restoring confidence and ability. You can trust us to keep you safe as you recover, and we are excited to help you do so. Contact us today to get started!