Work-Related Injuries

As safe as most companies and their employees try to be, work-related injuries are still very common for workers of all ages. If you are injured in the course of performing your daily duties for your employer, please call Qore Physical Therapy today at 801-701-6699 so our team can help you to recover and get back to work again as soon as possible! In fact, that is often the challenge: In an effort to resume working quickly, many patients do not undergo the proper treatment required for an injury to completely heal. Unfortunately, this circumstance can lead to long-term or even more serious injuries in the future.

Your experienced physical therapists and their team are here to help you navigate a healthy recovery process so that you can be sure that your injury is healing correctly. Through physical therapy, you can regain your strength and mobility once again, even after experiencing a work-related injury. We are here to prescribe a treatment plan that is specifically designed to address the needs of your particular case. He will teach you special stretches and exercises that can enable you to recover faster.

Our caring and compassionate team here at Qore Physical Therapy is committed to helping you restore your full range of motion so you can get back to work and return healthier and even stronger! To learn more about our state-of-the-art physical therapy services in American Fork, Utah, call our team at 801-701-6699 today to schedule a consultation.