Balance Therapy Program

Our compassionate team at Qore Physical Therapy is excited to provide an effective balance therapy program in American Fork, Utah, and to patients from surrounding areas — including Alpine, Highland, Lehi, Pleasant Grove, Lindon, Orem and Provo, Utah.

We believe that preparations made toward prevention can greatly reduce an individual’s risk of physical injury. For example, a prominent worry for our senior population is the concern of falling. Believe it or not, by improving your ability to walk (referred to as your “gait”) and your capacity to maintain balance, you can decrease your chances of being injured from falling. Our team feels strongly that, with our balance therapy program, you can increase your independence as well as your confidence.

At Qore Physical Therapy, we help our patients to understand how gait and balance are closely connected and often have a significant impact on each other. It is fascinating to learn how gait and balance are also dependent upon other body systems, such as cognitive function, the eyes, the inner ear and the joint-muscle-nerve system. Physical therapy with our team can help you to keep those vital systems functioning well in concert together.

If you have been concerned about your ability to walk confidently, please call our practice today at 801-701-6699 to schedule a consultation with our experienced physical therapists. We will help you to regain your balance and independence once again!