Anti-Gravity Treadmill

Anti-Gravity TreadmillOur anti-gravity treadmill uses pressurized air to unweight patients and athletes to enable them to move pain-free, without restrictions. It provides reduced force for individuals with arthritic joints, injuries and postsurgical procedures that require weight-bearing restrictions. Our treadmill also assists with improving gait, mobility, strength and function.

Qore Physical Therapy proudly provides an anti-gravity treadmill in American Fork, Utah, for our patients. This remarkable treatment tool features an inflatable pouch of air that gently surrounds the patient’s lower body. Then the anti-gravity treadmill slowly lifts the individual off the treadmill, thereby reducing pressure on the lower body.

Through this state-of-the-art technology, our anti-gravity treadmill allows patients to move in various ways without pain, helping them recover mobility. By enhancing an individual’s physical performance, our anti-gravity treadmill empowers our patients to improve their wellness and achieve better outcomes. With the amazing capability of essentially defying the effects of gravity, this incredible treadmill can substantially facilitate your ability to move more freely, which significantly helps to enhance what is possible through rehabilitation.

The anti-gravity treadmill at Qore Physical Therapy pairs its precise unweighting technology with gait analytics and video feedback for the user. This wonderful machine also assists our patients by shortening their orthopedic recovery times, improving neurological conditions, and improving strength and overall performance. To learn how our anti-gravity treadmill can enhance your freedom of movement, schedule an appointment today by calling 801-701-6699.