Electric Stimulation in American Fork, UT

If you are recovering from an injury, our physical therapists may recommend electric stimulation in American Fork, Utah, to assist with your healing process.

Sometimes referred to as “electrical stimulation,” “electro stimulation” or “e-stim,” electric stimulation is a physical therapy treatment in which a safe, low-level of electrical current helps to improve blood circulation, strengthen muscles and block pain signals.

If you need to address an injury or a surgical recovery that causes you pain and a loss of mobility, you may receive electric stimulation as part of your rehabilitation journey. Our caring and gentle team at Qore Physical Therapy will work with you to aid in your recovery process by enhancing your ability to function, decreasing pain and inflammation, and improving your circulation.

In addition, electric stimulation can help a patient’s muscles to contract properly. Electric stimulation is also used to help with treating weak muscles, spasms, low back pain, postsurgical pain, poor motor control, tendonitis and bursitis.

As for the patient’s experience during this process, electric stimulation is a less aggressive, more passive form of treatment. So, from the perspective of the patient, it is an easy and gentle process because they have to do very little during the actual administration of treatment.

To learn how electric stimulation can help in your recovery process, schedule an appointment today by calling 801-701-6699.