Extremity Whirlpool

Whenever our physical therapists and team deem it appropriate, a therapeutic part of our patients’ rehabilitation journey is the extremity whirlpool. At Qore Physical Therapy, our extremity whirlpool in American Fork, Utah, assists with improving pain, movement and function of the extremities, such as the elbow, wrist, hand, ankle or foot.

Our gentle physical therapists can provide hydrotherapy as a preparatory precursor to joint mobilization because it can provide significant benefits as patients work toward mobility and normal function again. Extremity whirlpools are helpful when treating upper- and lower-body afflictions through the wonders of hydrotherapy. In addition to providing a gentle massage, the extremity whirlpool is effective as it renders relaxing, heated water or soothing, cool water to the affected area of the patient’s body.

An integral aspect of healing the body is ensuring that blood flow can be increased, particularly to the affected part of the body, while also reducing inflammation. Hydrotherapy treatment can provide both benefits when paired with the hot and cold baths in the extremity whirlpool.

When our physical therapists and team combine hydrotherapy with other rehabilitative treatments, the extremity whirlpool can be used to help patients heal more quickly and receive respite from pain. Hot and cold hydrotherapy may be used to facilitate improved circulation, restoration of movement and function, and relief from discomfort following an injury or surgery. To learn more about how our extremity whirlpool could help with your physical therapy treatment, call 801-701-6699 to schedule an appointment today.