Comprehensive Physical Therapy Treatments

Our friendly and experienced physical therapists and team provide a full range of treatments to meet your physical rehabilitation needs. Of course, our team provides some of the most cutting-edge therapeutic techniques and technology, but along with those modern advancements, we also ensure that you are educated about your treatment program so you can continue to heal and maintain the progress you made through your recovery.

Our clinic’s comprehensive physical therapy encompasses an entire spectrum of important treatments designed to help you achieve and maintain optimal physical health, mobility and range of motion.

When you visit Qore Physical Therapy, our team takes sufficient time getting to know and understand your physical therapy needs, as well as your aspirations for a healthier future. We are dedicated to serving as your collaborative partner in helping you to achieve and maintain healthy living so you can genuinely feel better.

Our team is well-trained, prepared and perfectly willing to serve as a valuable resource for teaching you about your possible treatment options. We work with you to identify where you presently are physically, where you would like to be and precisely how we can help you to get there! Our primary objective is to use powerful physical therapy treatments to help you live a healthier, more fulfilling life.

In addition to providing effective physical therapy services, our team also provides a safe, comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for all who visit our office. We truly understand how the road to rehabilitation, recovery and wellness can seem daunting and even discouraging. Rest assured, our experienced team is trained in how to encourage and inspire you to begin and then progress in your healing journey. We want you to know that we sincerely believe in our patients, and we are here to help you during your recovery.

Our team welcomes you to call our clinic today at 801-701-6699 if you have any questions about comprehensive physical therapy in American Fork, Utah — or to schedule an appointment with our physical therapists. We look forward to serving you as we help to progress toward enjoying better health and wellness!