Balance Training

Qore Physical Therapy provides a robust balance training in American Fork, Utah, as part of our clinic’s comprehensive physical therapy program. The primary objective of balance training is to enhance one’s postural control, which essentially refers to the body’s ability to maintain a state of balance in any posture, regardless of whether one is moving or holding still.

Our physical therapists can help to improve a patient’s balance abilities. Balance issues can be significant issues because they make it difficult for individuals to have a stable posture and remain upright while standing, walking and sitting.

While our practice can address these problems with patients in various age groups, balance issues tend to occur more often in older individuals. In fact, challenges relating to balance are some of the most common reasons that older individuals consult a doctor. When balance issues remain untreated, those who suffer from them are at a greater risk of falling and possibly injuring themselves.

At Qore Physical Therapy, our caring team can use safe and thorough balance testing to help develop personalized treatment plans that are appropriate to each patient’s individual needs. Through our balance training program, we can help our patients to enhance their physical strength, stability and movement.

Rest assured, our physical therapists can provide many solutions for treating balance problems, depending on each person’s particular needs. Think of physical therapists as “experts of movement” because they can determine the best ways to enhance your quality of life through patient education and prescribed treatment. Call 801-701-6699 today to schedule your consultation!