Qore Physical Therapy is proud to serve our patients with cutting-edge, physical therapy machines like the GenuEase in American Fork, Utah. GenuEase provides state-of-the-art technology that gently assists patients by carefully stretching the knee to help with mobility. When it comes to providing effective rehabilitation following knee surgery or a knee injury, the GenuEase helps patients to regain their optimum range of motion again.

Our caring physical therapists and team keenly understand that when a patient is working to restore a postsurgical or injured knee back to its full range of motion, the natural tendency is to be fearful and tense during therapeutic exercises, which slows healing and progress. However, this is where the GenuEase is extremely helpful because it gives the patient a greater sense of control and reassurance, which results in less muscle guarding and an overall faster recovery. Since it was developed especially for rehabilitating patients after knee replacement surgery, the GenuEase provides incredible benefits for healing by reducing patient apprehension and guarding of muscles that are healing.

In addition, the GenuEase features onboard recording and tracking. This data is valuable for helping the patient to set appreciable goals and to recognize progress over time. By empowering our patients to move forward in their physical therapy rehabilitation, they can see more positive results pertaining to regaining their range of motion. To learn more about how GenuEase can help you to recover more quickly, call 801-701-6699 today to schedule your appointment.