Class IV Therapeutic Laser Treatments

As part of our comprehensive physical therapy care, Qore Physical Therapy is pleased to provide Class IV therapeutic laser treatments in American Fork, Utah. Class IV laser therapy safely distributes infrared laser light to affected tissue. While the ultimate end result of this treatment is accelerated healing and tissue repair, the Class IV laser achieves these great results by helping to promote an increase of circulation, which aids in reducing pain, soreness and swelling.

Laser therapy can effectively treat stiffness and arthritis pain. It can also address muscle aches, joint aches and circulation issues. Many college and professional sports teams use Class IV therapeutic laser treatments to help their athletes to heal faster. The Class IV laser uses light to stimulate “photobiomodulation,” which is a process where photons enter the tissue and increase cellular metabolism. Many patients find this to be an effective treatment because it decreases pain and inflammation, while also accelerating the process of healing.

We are happy to report that laser therapy is pain free and not considered to be a risky or dangerous treatment. Of course, this treatment is not for everyone. For example, laser therapy is not recommended for treating cancer. It should not be used on patients who are pregnant, nor employed over a hemorrhage, endocrine or thyroid gland. Also, laser therapy is not used when the patient is taking photosensitizing medications. For many patients, however, it is a remarkably effective treatment.

Qore Physical Therapy is pleased to provide Class IV therapeutic laser treatments to serve our patient community. For more information on Class IV laser therapy or other treatments, please call our office today at 801-701-6699 so you can meet with our physical therapists.