If You Are Experiencing Balance Deficits Our Physical Therapists Can Help

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Balance deficits are a common problem among many individuals, particularly older adults. These deficits can lead to falls and injuries, and can negatively impact one’s quality of life. Fortunately, physical therapy can be an effective treatment option for improving balance and reducing the risk of falls.

Qore PT’s physical therapy team are experts in the assessment and treatment of movement disorders, and balance deficits are no exception. Using specialized tools such as a pressure plate and overhead trolley system, we can evaluate and treat patients with balance deficits.

The pressure plate is a device that measures the distribution of weight and pressure on the feet while standing. This allows the physical therapist to objectively assess the patient’s balance and identify any areas of weakness. With this data, the therapist can design a customized treatment plan that targets the specific deficits identified.

The overhead trolley system is another tool that Qore PT’s physical therapy team use to help patients with balance deficits. This system consists of a track mounted on the ceiling, and a harness that the patient wears. Our therapist can adjust the tension on the harness to provide varying degrees of support, allowing the patient to challenge their balance safely.

The trolley system is particularly helpful for patients who are at high risk of falling, or who have a fear of falling. By providing a sense of security, patients can focus on improving their balance  without fear of injury. Additionally, the trolley system allows the therapist to safely challenge the patient’s balance in a variety of positions and movements, such as walking on an uneven surface or reaching for an object.

In addition to these specialized tools, Qore PT’s physical therapy team also use a variety of exercises and techniques to improve balance. These may include balance exercises such as standing on one foot or walking heel-to-toe, as well as strength training and stretching to improve overall mobility. 

Overall, physical therapy is a highly effective treatment option for patients with balance deficits. With the use of specialized tools such as the pressure plate and trolley system, Qore PT’s physical therapy team can assess and treat patients with a high degree of accuracy and safety. By addressing balance deficits, patients can reduce their risk of falls and improve their overall quality of life.

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