How Physical Therapy Can Improve Balance and Prevent Falls in Older Adults

One of the pitfalls of aging is that maintaining balance becomes increasingly harder the older we get. Falls can lead to severe injuries and have a significant impact on one’s quality of life. However, the good news is that physical therapy offers a proactive approach that addresses balance issues to prevent falls in older adults. By focusing on strength, flexibility,... read more »

Physical Therapy To Help You Safely Return to Outdoor Activities

Physical therapy offers many benefits to help you safely re-engage in outdoor activities after a sedentary winter. Our skilled physical therapist, Russ Gatenby, offers comprehensive physical therapy in Utah County. He and our Qore Physical Therapy team can assess your body's current condition, identify any potential weaknesses or imbalances, and then tailor a personalized plan to address them through targeted... read more »

How You Can Improve Muscle Strength With the Help of Physical Therapy

When you have sustained an injury, physical therapy and muscle strength training helps to correct muscular imbalances, coordination, and general health so re-injury is less likely to happen. Post-physical therapy exercises such as resistance training, stretching, as well as agility training can be highly beneficial. This February, why not show your body some love by getting the health care you... read more »